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Personal details:
My name is György Seregi. I am a goldsmith-blacksmith artist. I was born 19 October 1953 in Budapest. I am married and father of a girl.
Loránd Eötvös Steel Structure Polytechnical School
Jewellery and goldsmith faculty at Beaux-Arts and Applied Arts Secondary School.
My masters and craftsmen of my career:
My masters and mentors were John Lehoczky, awarded by Noemi Ferenczy prize iron-steel applied artist in Szentendre, and Huber Walfrid, professor of the Beaux-Arts Academy (Academy of Arts and Crafts) in Wien.
My Activities:
  •    1978: I established my workshop in Nagymaros
  •    1982: I was awarded by the "Nívó" prize of the Advisory Office for Fine and Applied Arts
  •    since 1986: I am member of the Association of Hungarian Artists (MAOE)
  •    since 1995: I have been keeping courses in ironsmith faculty at University of Technology in Budapest
  •    since 1998: I am member of the Association of Fine and Applied Artists Jewellery-goldsmith Department (MKISZ)
  •    since 2002: I am member of the Porta Speciosa”, Monument Research and Craftsmenship Network
  •    2005: I was awarded by “For the Art of Pest-county” prize
  •    2010: The town of Nagymaros awarded me by “Pro Urbe” prize
  •    2010: I was awarded by “For the Art of Pest-county” prize for the second time