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Biography and Autobiography:


The most significant reviews about my work activities, which were published in the following books and periodicals.


  • 1981 Kálmán Sárády “Smith products” (book)

  • 1992 Károly Pereházy Nice Houses (periodical, Vol:4)

  • 1993 Károly Pereházy Pavilon: (periodical about monuments) History of our wrought-iron crafts, present situation of its surveying and practice

  • 1994 Dr. Gyula Ernyey “György Seregi, master smith”, (periodical called “Hungarian Arts and Crafts,No: 1/1994)

  • 1995 Károly Pereházy “György Seregi” ( international periodical called Hephaistos, Vol: 9-10):

  • 1995 Dr. György Seregi “Steel-made constructions of buildings” (book)

  • 1997 Károly Pereházy The Sience of Building.ArchitectureVol: XXVI. No.3-4:“Endeavours of the Contemporary Hungarian Artistic Ironcraft”

  • 1997 Chantal Bizot Musée Des Arts Decoratifs /Palais Du Louvre Edition Regard/

  • 1998 CEBA Press The manual of Budapest“Who is who in the public life of Capital”

  • 1998 Mihály Ráday City-protecting speeches 2.

  • 1999 6 Bt.Press Architectural extracts of Budapest “Károly Pereházy: Wrought Iron”

  • 2000 Károly Pereházy “About wrought-iron Arts...” (Foundry Museum Booklets Vol. VI.)

  • 2001 Ákos Szalay “...Renovation of Calvary, Vác” (periodical called Sketch)

  • 2001 MAOE-Baurer I. Contemporary goldsmith’s craft (Ágnes M. Bakonyvári)

  • 2001 Fine Arts and Crafts Art Gallery (catalogue)

  • 2002 Contemporary Hungarian Encyclopedia of Fine Art Enciklopedia Press

  • 2002 Dr. Seregi-Seregi “Applied Arts at 1100 Centigrate” (Book) Terc Press

  • 2003 Hungarian Craft 2003 Museum of Applied Arts (catalogue)

  • 2004 Ákos Kristófi “The riveted present” Building Market No.XXXVIII/6

  • 2005 Dr. Seregi - Kristófi Consulting editor in book “Kovácsművessség” (Blacksmith Arts)

ÉTK Press

  • 2007 Ákos Kristófi “Realizm and Symbolizm” The connection of the past and future in György Seregi’s Smith Art (Artistic periodical called “Hungarian Applied Arts”, 2007/3.

  • 2010 Joe DeLa Ronde Consulting editor in the book “The basis of Smithery”, translated by Ákos Kristófi

Cser Press